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Our Cleaning Philosophy

Nearly 25 Years of Customer-Oriented Service

When it comes to cleaning, our philosophy is simple—be the best. In our 24 years of providing cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout Florida, our cleaning professionals have accomplished just that. We are dedicated to the customer, meaning we hire the best employees, implement the best cleaning solutions, and provide the best cleaning services in Florida.

Our Philosophy in Practice

Unlike other companies, we listen to your needs and concerns when we begin cleaning your home. Our initial estimate of your home allows us to customize a cleaning plan that is perfect for you, your home, and your lifestyle! Essentially, we clean your home like you would clean it yourself.

Royal Maid Service puts philosophy into practice:

  • We provide the same level of care to your home as you would.
  • We respect your belongings and treat your home professionally.
  • We take care of all the little details other cleaning services miss.
  • We use cleaning solutions that are child, pet, and environment friendly.

While all our Royal Maids use “friendly” cleaning solutions at no extra cost to you, we are happy to use your preferred cleaning products; however, we do not accept responsibility for those products.

  • Royal Maid Service

    "I must tell you once again how happy I am that we have chosen to go with Royal Maids."

  • Royal Maid Service

    "Performed an incredible cleaning job on my empty apartment unit. I am very pleased."

  • Royal Maid Service

    "My home is super clean and ready for our move. Thank you!"

  • Royal Maid Service

    "We couldn't be happier!"

  • Royal Maid Service

    "Our home is always beautifully cleaned and our fridge stocked. That's an A+ grade for Royal Maids!"

  • Royal Maid Service

    "My house looked amazing afterwards and smelled even better than it looked."

  • Royal Maid Service

    "Once again we arrived to a spotless and gleaming apartment."

  • Royal Maid Service

    "Your employees came during the evening and took the time to do a quality job!"

  • Royal Maid Service

    "It made me feel so good today to have a clean house and not to have to worry about it."

  • Royal Maid Service

    "Let me just say-WOW. I didn't know my house could get so clean."

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Since 1992, our commitment has been to the customer first and foremost. Whether you need a one-time clean or regular cleaning services, we will work to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With licensed, bonded and insured maids and guaranteed satisfaction, you won’t be disappointed in your home or commercial cleaning services! Take advantage of our customizable cleaning solutions and schedule a free in-home estimate over the phone. We will work with you to ensure that your home receives the best cleaning services available in Florida.

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