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The very best way to keep your home sparkling clean and create a healthy environment for you and your family is to use Royal Maids on a regular basis. Keeping a clean home is a key part to having a happy home. However, cleaning a home can be a painstaking and exhaustive process, so here are some tips using safe household products like Vinegar, Lemons and Baking Soda to help out when the maids are not around.

Use Vinegar & Household Acids as Cleaning Products

Vinegar is a great cleaning product. Not only is it cheap, but it’s also a great disinfectant and it’s eco-friendly. Lemon is also a wonderful cleaning product—it’s eco-friendly, and because of its acidity, it can help you with mold and unpleasant smells in some parts of the house.

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean the microwave by mixing 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar and 1/2 cup water in a microwave-safe bowl. Bring it to a rolling boil inside the microwave. Baked-on food will be loosened, and odors will disappear. Wipe clean.

Cut a lemon or lime in half. With the water on and garbage disposal running, add the fruit one at a time to the disposal. The fruit will help clean your drain and make it smell good at the same time. This is also a great way to use citrus fruit that’s on its way out.

To remove mineral deposits in a teapot or burnt spots on a coffee pot, put some ice cubes, cut-up lemon, and salt with a tad water and swish around and let sit overnight.

Bathroom Cleaning

To remove mineral deposits from shower fixtures, fill a plastic sandwich bag with undiluted white vinegar. Tie around the shower head and leave overnight. In the morning, remove the bag. Use a brush on the shower head and it is ready to use.

To clean soap scum and mildew off plastic shower curtains, place the curtain in the washing machine with two or three old towels. Mix one cup of white vinegar to half a cup of laundry detergent. Fill the washer with warm water and run through the complete wash and rinse cycle. Remove the curtain from the washer and hang immediately.

You don’t have to buy glass cleaners and paper towels to clean your mirrors. Just some vinegar and an old newspaper is all you need to keep your mirrors shining as new. Your house will look great if the mirrors are clean.

It’s amazing how versatile a lemon can be. It can tackle hard water stains in a jiffy. Take a fresh lemon, cut it in half and rub the actual lemon onto the fixture or fitting that has the stains. It is a simple and effective way to clean shower fittings.

Use Baking Soda to Get Rid of Odors & Bacteria

Baking soda is non-toxic and has a multitude of uses as a household cleanser. Clean and deodorize a drain by pouring in 1 cup baking soda, then one cup hot white distilled vinegar. Let this sit for 5 minutes or so, then run hot water down the drain.

Odor producing mold and bacteria in garbage cans: sprinkle 1/2 cup baking soda in the bottom of the garbage can.

Using Other Household Chemicals

WD 40 has a myriad of uses and can be a handy cleaning aid. To remove dried glue from virtually any surface, spray some WD 40 onto the spot, wait thirty seconds, and wipe clean with a damp cloth. You can also reduce that buildup of dust on ceiling fan blades by spraying them with WD 40 and wiping with a rag.

To remove scuff marks from vinyl, linoleum, or wooden floors, try using an eraser. That often works fine, or rub with white toothpaste mixed with a little baking soda, then wipe with a damp cloth.

In the bottom of your dishwasher, sprinkle some borax and leave it overnight. The next day, wipe down the inside of the dishwasher, door, and all other surfaces using a damp sponge or cloth. No need to rinse the surface—just do the next load of dishes to get rid of dishwasher odor.

How to Remove Wine Stains

Red wine stains are tough to remove, especially from light carpets. Try sprinkling with salt and leave to set for 15 minutes. The salt will absorb the spill and turn pink. Brush or vacuum the salt away then clean the area with a mixture of two thirds water and one third vinegar.

After you have rearranged your furniture, place ice cubes in the old indentations in the carpet and leave overnight. Use the tines on a fork to fluff up the pile the next day.

How to Remove Wine Stains

To cover scratches on wood furniture, use a crayon the color of the wood. Apply to the scratched area, heat with a hair dryer and buff the crayon into the scratch with a soft cloth. To cover scratches on mahogany or cherry wood, use iodine.

Wherever you clean always start at the top and work your way down so you are not dropping dust from the fan blades on the newly cleaned end tables and always leave the vacuuming until last.

How to Remove Wine Stains

The only way to remove fresh pet stains & odor is to apply a bacteria/enzyme digester available at your local pet store, so keep some handy for those little emergencies! Give the digester time to work by leaving it on for the required amount of time suggested in the instructions. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of it to soak right through the carpet and underlay. Allow the solution to completely dry before walking on it.

And a few more quick tips:

Use a small squeegee after your morning shower to slow the development of water marks
Pick up cat hair with a dishwashing glove—simply put it on and rub over your surfaces
To remove hairspray from mirrors, wipe with rubbing alcohol
Use hydrogen peroxide to get blood spots off clothing
Use a fabric softener strip from the dryer to keep your baseboards and window blinds clean—the static acts as a dust barrier

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